Angie Oxford Dip(HE), BSc(Hons), PgCert

Director of Baby Scan Studios

Midwife Sonographer


Baby Scan Studios is a private clinic that provides a 3D scanning service for pregnant women in the Glasgow and surrounding areas.  In addition to providing private appointments, we understand that parents-to-be may wish to share the magical experience of seeing their beautiful baby in the womb with family and friends.  Baby Scan Studios provides a family friendly environment for loved ones to share the experience with you, if you so desire.

Baby Scan Studios provides an affordable, and easy accessible way, of parents-to-be to obtain reassurance of their baby’s wellbeing, whilst gaining treasured keepsakes of this precious time in their baby’s life.  Many parents feel that the 2 scans which the NHS offer is not enough, and so look for additional scans for reassurance and to alleviate any fears that they may have.  Many parents also feel that the 2-dimensional scans which the NHS offer are limited and do not provide the depth of detail that is needed.  Here at Baby Scan Studios, we understand this and provide our scans in 3D, enabling you to see your baby’s skin features and expressions, almost from a fly on the wall type of view. 

The clinic is run by Angie Oxford, a registered Midwife with over 20 years experience and working as an Obstetric Sonographer for the last 8 years.  Angie is fully registered with the NMC and currently still works within the NHS, ensuring that her training and accreditation are up-to-date and that she is familiar with the latest research and developments.

Angie prides herself on the quality of the scan that she provides, and is not a fan of the “conveyor belt” approach adopted by some others.  As an experienced Midwife, Angie will not only provide the scan but also provide answers to questions most commonly asked in pregnancy, which many other Sonographers can’t answer.